Our Purpose

We purpose to be an expression of the body of Christ (the Church), submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ in all things, patterned after the elements of the New Testament Church that are reproducible in our particular context and dedicated to fulfill this by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • TO WORSHIP, adore and glorify God in the liberty of the Holy Spirit through public and private worship and to minister the sacraments or ordinances of the Church.
  • TO PREACH AND TEACH the Bible as the Word of God.
  • TO DISCIPLE believers to be submitted to the Lordship of Christ through the local church.
  • TO REPRODUCE the life and character of the risen Christ in an expanding expression of our union with Christ.
  • TO TRAIN a body of praying believers who effectively call for the will of God through intercession.
  • TO DEVELOP spiritual leaders who can multiply themselves and meet the needs of others.
We are called to be an area-wide church body with an international outreach.  We are called to service to God and then to man as unto God.  The Holy Spirit has called us to be:
  • A house of prayer for all nations.
  • A house of praise and worship.
  • A house of obedience to the harvest.
  • A house of faithfulness in tithes and offerings.

Our Beliefs

Picture of Bob and Candy Hankins

Meet our pastors

Pastors Bob and Candy Hankins serve as Senior Pastors of the Gulf Coast Christian Center. They both have served in vocational ministry for over 31 years and have served as Senior Pastors of the Gulf Coast Christian Center for Nineteen years.
They both are dedicated to reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and have a genuine love for the people that they minister to.

Bob & Candy Hankins